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"What was most pleasing was that Aegis offered a variety of solutions and were able to trial them and as a result implement them - to make a very large difference to our business."

Wendy Coertze, Sales & Marketing Manager, Blue Direct.

Hints and Tips

There are many occasions when we are called out to rescue business and home users where the problem is relatively simple both to diagnose as well as to fix. And the call out costs could possibly have been avoided with just a basic level of knowledge (even for technophobes!).

So, whilst we don’t want to lose out on any work, we offer a few easy to follow hints and tips on what to look out for before reaching for the phone to call an engineer.

Not Another Crashed Browser!

With the advent of Microsoft’s latest browser, Internet Explorer 7, we have noticed that many of the features have been around in Mozilla Firefox for a long while – tabbed browsing, phishing filters, pop-up blockers and so on.

How Cool Are All Those Toolbars?

Don’t use Yahoo, Google or BT toolbars - all ‘add’ functions to browsers. When internet shopping took off, the search engines quickly realised that directing shoppers to particular retailers was worth a few bucks.

Free Office Applications?

Much of the cost of your PC goes into licenses to pay Microsoft. New PCs are now coming “Office Ready” which effectively means that Microsoft get a cut, not just for the Windows license but also for Office. Get ready for the Free Office Revolution.

You Are That Virus!

The Internet is a big, bad, virus ridden place - so the anti-virus companies would have us believe. The reality is somewhat simpler. Most PC users are now well protected so viruses can only come down one path — You let them in!

What can you do?

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