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"A consummate IT all-rounder, Mark attacked our problems with gusto and finished the job quickly in his usual calm, untroubled manner."

Darren West, Director, Business Evolution Ltd

Hints and Tips

There are many occasions when we are called out to rescue business and home users where the problem is relatively simple both to diagnose as well as to fix. And the call out costs could possibly have been avoided with just a basic level of knowledge (even for technophobes!).

So, whilst we don’t want to lose out on any work, we offer a few easy to follow hints and tips on what to look out for before reaching for the phone to call an engineer.

Wireless – Or All Tied Up?

Wireless is great - take your laptop anywhere and still get your email (are you really that sad?). However, caveat emptor! If you’re lucky you’ll get WEP encryption

Is Your Virus Protection Updated And Paid For?
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It’s easy to overlook doing this despite how many reminders are sent out. Check it out. It's really essential to have up to date anti-virus protection on your PC if it's connected to the internet.Is you server and email covered?

Is Your Clock Showing The Right Date?

Power cuts and other disruptions can often cause your computers calendar to reset itself for years ago – this can cause disruption to a lot of programmes (including your virus protection).

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