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"Is there anything this man does not know about computers? I can and do recommend Aegis to anyone with a computer related query"

Jason Pinny, North Beds Osteopathic Clinic.

What We Do

whatwedo1There are few businesses in the UK – from the smallest sole trader to the largest conglomerate – that can operate effectively for more than a few hours without a fully functioning computer system.

For some that means simple use of email facilities; for many it means running management accounts; marketing campaigns; human resources and client management programmes.

For most it means running all of these functions at the same time.


Downtime really does hurt your business!


So often we see the consequences of business breakdowns and watch the painful process of recovery too often – a process that can stretch from a few days to many months but always with bottom line impacts on our clients’ businesses.

Many of the systems emergencies that companies face are not of their own making.

Over 75% probably are!

And the cost of recovery and repair is often small by comparison with the impact on sales and staff workloads.

It is our business to help those 75% (but we don’t forget the other 25%!) because we put Prevention before Cure; Profit above Cost and Competitive Advantage over Disadvantage.

The Small Print

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